Academic Values


  • To prepare academically reflective, culturally sensitive, socially responsible, pedagogically sound and technology-savvy professionals.
  • To produce intellectually sound, inquisitive, value-oriented and technically skilled educational practitioners and researchers.
  • To pursue conceptual, field-oriented and need based studies in education.
Academics Value

To inculcate the following values among the student-teachers –

  • Academic Integrity and Competence
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Tolerance
  • Social Affinity and Inclusion
  • Duty, Responsibility & Accountability
  • rofessional Honesty and Commitment
  • Respect for Human Freedom and Dignity
  • Sensitivity to Diversity, Equity and Social Justice
  • Appreciation of Originality, Creativity and Research
  • Quest for Excellence

"The Vision of Bharti College of Pharmacy is to inspire the students to chase their dreams and their ambitions with clear and decisive mindset."


"Our mission is to working towards being the best by incorporating the principles of total quality management (TQM) and excellence."

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